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Pursuing an investment, business or charitable venture in Cambodia requires care and expertise regarding the applicable laws, regulations and rules as well as an understanding of the local context, processes, and parties involved. HML’s domestic and international experience can effectively address these important concerns.


With the extensive experience and knowhow of the firm’s Cambodian and foreign advisers, HML considers no legal or business matter too big or small and our services can be crafted to meet a client’s specific needs. Our services include:

Business Development and Planning

The decision on how the business structure or type should be formed is critical for early investment stage. HML’s knowledge and experience could address this issue by providing professional opinion on laws and procedures related the individual business.


Particularly with the Council for the Development of Cambodia (CDC)/Cambodian Investment Board (CIB), various Ministries and Government Offices; this is a key step in many, if not all, transactions and matters set forth here, and the HML is particularly well positioned to ensure good cooperation and results in this key area.

Due Diligence

Prior to entering into any sale-purchase agreement or other forms of business deal, a thorough due diligence should be conducted. More frequent transactions required due diligence/investigation is included land and property transactions, mergers and acquisitions, and other individuals or businesses. The due diligence could help ensure the in-depth business understanding and identify the critical factor prior to making decision.

Investment and Company Registration

Advising on the numerous important concerns and processes necessary for successful investment, and determining and securing the best type of company or entity structure for an investment or venture is a foremost and critical process.

Licensing and Concession

Represent a major form of investment and commercial enterprise in Cambodia that requires the knowledge, experience and connections that the HML can deliver.

Merger and Acquisition

Will be evaluated and utilized as an appropriate transactional choice in many investment and company/entity creation undertakings.

Property and Land Development

Matters are connected to numerous investment and commercial undertakings, thus all crucial related concerns must be well understood and implemented.

Intellectual Property

Is a vital part of the commercial, creative and artistic world, and the creator and owner of, for example such IP as a copyright, trademark or patent, must be secure that these valuable assets have protection and reliable enforcement channels.

Banking, Finance and Insurance

Be a part of numerous transactions and related banking and financing matters that the firm will handle.

Employment and Immigration

Matters and issues will need to be addressed well in many commercial enterprises in order to be secure in using labor force both local and foreigner.

Family and Will

Majority of family law issues are emotionally charged and need to be advised objectively and pacifically. We provide you with honest, straightforward information and assist you in making decisions based on what is in client’s best interests with regard to our expertise and experience.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Are to some extent an unavoidable byproduct of doing business, and in our community and social relations; the HML can handle most types of disputes and obtain the best possible outcome through direct discussion and negotiation, and through utilizing mediation, and arbitration.


Individual or business may be left with no option but to commence litigation against counterpart if several amicable negotiations have been attempted with unfavorable results obtained. HML stands firmly to represent clients should such assistant required with confident.


Issues, compliance, advice and planning will be a part of most if not all of the transactions and matters hereunder. HML, through a partnership with HML XAT, could address these all issues.